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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Florida? Really?

So, about 24 hours ago I received an email from the navy trying to bring my bid for a contract down. This was news to me as I submitted the bid back in June. Also interesting because the position in question starts in one week. I submitted and was then told that I was officially being offered the contract. I was actually using this submission as practice as I was not at the time qualified, but now am. I was hoping to get one of the 11 positions announced to open this fall. They have not yet been announced. Senator Bennett's office is on that one with me. But this one out of the blue was dropped in our lap. I let them know that I would not be able to report by the 1st of October as that is my wife's due date. But that I would be honored to serve in that capacity.

So the short of it is we are moving to Jacksonville Florida. -Soon-

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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