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Friday, July 10, 2009

Understanding Hope

Faith, Hope and Charity, you've heard the talk. We also get talks on charity or talks on faith. Since reading a talk in the Ensign about Hope: The Misunderstood Sister I've began pondering This other of the big 3. These are some less than put together ideas that I have. I would love to discuss them so that I might bring my thoughts into better focus. To discuss it, I will first try to put into perspective faith and charity.

Faith is a principle of action. It is that courage to act, not knowing. Faith is the power to DO, without sure knowledge.

Charity is the pure love of Christ. It is his atonement. It is the only absolutely positive of the three. Faith and Hope are usually thought of in the positive direction. However, if you plant the seed of a bad tree and choose to nourish it, you will reap bad fruit. Charity cannot bring forth bad fruit. His atonement is still there. We can share his atonement in every act of kindness or service that we do. We become someone's savior, doing for them that which they cannot do for themselves, this is charity.

We must have faith to access charity. Because we must choose to accept the charity offered to us. This reaching out action is faith.

Hope allows us to not be led blindly. It is experience. If we take hope with us then we have sight of the end, we may be taking that one step into the darkness, but hope is with us and knows. Hope is what we can rely on when we can't see the way our selves. Hope is a gift, it's something you have not something that you do. I have hope because Christ atoned for me. But how did I get that hope. Someone who doesn't know of the atonement cannot have that hope. Hope is gained through the experience of the Holy Ghost(Moroni 8:26). I have hope, not because I was taught the gospel, but because the Holy Ghost testified to me of it's truth. Every spiritual experience allows you to gain a greater hope. I have experienced Christ's atonement in that witness.

Hope urges faith, and faith leads to greater hope. (Moroni 10:20, Moroni 7) I would venture to say that hope is "the secret." It is that force by which we draw things to us, when we gain experience whether it be good or bad (hope or anti-hope) we have greater support in the same. Hope sees the end, what ever it may be and we can lean on hope in our efforts toward the end of our choosing, but it is our choosing. Hope merely sees the end and supports us towards it (or it to us). The end that hope sees is our choice.

What is the difference in these 2 sentences:

"I have hope that the Lord will bless my life with success."
"I hope that the Lord will bless my life with success."

When we say, "I hope it rains today" it is truly as useless a comment as it sounds.

Tell me what you think.


Heather said...

I also loved that article. It helped that there was a fantastic poem included and you know I'm a sucker for that. :)

One of my favorite ways to think of faith, hope and charity is this:
Having faith relates to my relationship with my Savior.
Having charity relates to my relationship with others.
Having hope relates to my relationship with myself.

That hope, that steady assurance based on knowledge and experience is what helps me to feel at peace and to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Provo Chiropractor said...

I agree with your thought about having hope vs just hoping. It's very refreshing to see your comments about how Christ and Chiropractic care relate to each other.